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The National Metallurgist's Day Awards Scheme was instituted by the Ministry of Steel & Mines, Govt. of India in 1962 beginning with 6 Awards. In the year 1989, 3 Young Metallurgists awards were added. One Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced in 2004, increasing the number of awards to ten. Considering the vast canvas of Industry, Research and academia, as against the existing one National Metallurgist Award, from the year 2007,there will be two National Metallurgist Awards, one dedicated to the Industry and the other for Research & Academia. Besides, a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ h as been introduced to recognise meritorious contributions.

The Indian Institute of Metals, continues to undertake the organisational and administrative work in connection with this scheme, at the instance of the Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India.

The awards are given in November every year on the occasion of the National Metallurgist's Day.

The Ministry of Steel, Govt of India has revised the Awards Money with effect from 2013 NMD Awards to 20.25 lac as detailed hereunder, as against Rs 10.64 lac.

Category Of Awards

A glimpse through the current categories of Awards:

Lifetime Achievement Award                

No. of Awards:1

Award Value:Rs.4,00,000

National Metallurgist Award-Industry

No. of Awards:1

Award Value:Rs.3,00,000

National Metallurgist Award-Research and Academia

No. of Awards:1

Award Value:Rs.3,00,000

Metallurgist of the year                

No. of Awards:6

Award Value:Rs.1,25,000 each

Young Metallurgist of the year

No. of Awards:3

Award Value:Rs.75,000 each

Certificate of Excellence                

No. of Awards:1

Award Value:Rs.50,000

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