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  1. Description:

    Three annual awards carrying a cash prize of Rs. 75,000/- each shall be made to outstanding technologists/scientists, in recognition of specific original contribution in the fields of production, research, education, design, development and environment made in the last 3 years; its significant impact on National scenario, and should mostly be carried out in India.

    Generally, one award will be given for Ferrous, Non-ferrous and Metal Sciences.

    However, in the event that no suitable nomination is received for a particular discipline, Selection Committee may consider awarding outstanding Young Metallurgists from other disciplines.

  2. Age Limit:

    Maximum: 35 years as on 14th November of the year of Award.

  3. Qualifications:

    Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgy / Engineering / Materials Science or equivalent

    A certificate will accompany the award.


  1. Nominations shall be invited from :

    • Organisations, including Research & Development , involved in Metallurgical Industries , Educational Institutions, Defence establishments, Atomic, Nuclear & Space organisations, Government departments, Scientific and Technical Institutions & Societies.Nominations shall be sponsored by the head of the organisation or Establishment.
    • Chapters of The Indian Institute of Metals- Nominations shall be recommended by the Chapter executive committee, honorary members & council members.
    • In the case of Lifetime Achievement Award & National Metallurgist Awards, both in the category of Industry & R&D/Academia, the NMD Selection Committee may constitute a data bank of eminent & distinguished persons deserving the Award, and propose any name(s) to be considered in addition to the nominations received.
  2. The awards shall be bestowed on persons, who, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, have made significant contributions in the particular field of their endeavour.
  3. Achievements during the last 30 years will be evaluated for the category “Life Time Achievement”, 20 years in the category for “National Metallurgist”, 5 years in the category for “Metallurgist of the Year” and 3 years for “Young Metallurgist of the Year” awards.
  4. Parameters for Selection of NMD Awardees for the year should also include performance, outcome and impact in the specified line of business in the preceding years.
  5. Nomination(s) from a nominee be limited to ONE group only.
  6. Nominations should be for an individual only, as Joint Nominations have been discontinued from 2014.
  7. The Awards shall not include any posthumous selection.
  8. Canvassing in any form will disqualify the nomination.

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